19th May 2020 - Clinic Opening Update                                                                               

The College of Podiatry (Professional body) has updated us on the list of patients we can and can not treat.  The clinic will be open depending on the patients we need to see otherwise it is closed. If you believe yourself to be high risk (medical/foot condition) please call me and leave a message and I will get back to you to triage and book an appointment if you qualify.                                                                                       

At present appointments will be booked well apart, not only to maintain social distancing but also to allow for cleaning between patient visits. As a result of all the changes, reduction is numbers treated, additional PPE - we have had to take the decision to increase our fee.  I hope when you see the effort that is being made to keep you safe you will appreciate all the hard work implemented. 

Physiotherapy/massage/pilates - not available at present

Further updates expected 1st June 2020