Our basement studio is beautifully designed and accommodates up to eight students per class.  Pilates mats and equipment are provided. Our extensive timetable includes morning, evening and Saturday classes.

Our instructors have years of experience between them, and are fully committed to helping our customers reach their full potential and get the most from each class. 

The classes are designed for all levels and ages.  We ask all new customers to fill out a Pilates form to gauge their fitness levels and expectations/achievement goals. If you are recovering from an injury, and/or post-operation, or you are very new to Pilates, we would advise you to book in for a pre-Pilates assessment - a 30 minute appointment to discuss your individual needs.

What is Pilates?


Pilates is a physical fitness system designed to strengthen the body, with the emphasis on core strength.  Similar to yoga, Pilates concentrates on posture, balance and flexibility. It helps to improve general fitness and well-being.

Pilates can also focus the mind, and through the correct breathing and stretching, the chances of injury is much lower.

Who is Pilates for?

Everyone!  Most people will have no issues starting with a basic workout, and moving onto more challenging sequences. By joining a Pilates class, our qualified instructors will guide customers to do the exercises correctly and safely, to avoid injury.

Pre/Post Natal Pilates


As Pilates focuses on strengthening the back, stomach and pelvic floor muscles, it's ideal for pregnant women as these areas are often problematic during pregnancy and after birth.  All the exercises should help relax you and control your breathing which helps during the birthing process. The instructor is trained to ensure the exercises are modified to your ability and needs nearing your due date. At St Margarets Clinic, Jacqui, Reena and Emi are all trained in pre/post natal pregnancy Pilates (see class timetable for their schedules, or contact us to arrange a 1:1 session).

What benefits are you likely to see?

As Pilates focuses on core-strength, posture and flexibility, you can expect to gain the following health benefits:


Muscle tone

Good posture

Improving balance

Flatter abdominal muscles

Reduction of stress

General sense of improved fitness and well-being

Weight loss

Pilates as part of your physiotherapy treatment

Our physiotherapists may recommend Pilates as part of your physiotherapy treatment. Research shows that Pilates can be an effective treatment for injuries and illnesses such as:


Hip and knee injuries, replacements

Multiple sclerosis

Chronic neck and back pain


For dancers, athletes and other sports professionals, Pilates can be an effective rehabilitation tool, post-injury. Our instructors can tailor work-outs to allow the body to heal and strengthen over time.

Click here                   to see which class time suits you, and please read our T&C's before committing to a pass.