Podiatry/Chiropody Prices

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New Patients (includes Consultation and treatment)                                                                    £50.00  

Follow up treatment                                                                                            £45.00

Verruca follow up (small additional charge for Cryoalfa -89 degrees £10 per verruca)    £45.00

Needling (verruca) procedure (requires local anaesthetic includes 2 follow-up appointments and dressings)

Nail surgery with phenol (needs consultation appointment first £45 )                                       

(requires local anaesthetic & includes up to 4 follow-up re-dressings appointments and dressings)

Nail Surgery without phenol (needs consultation appointment first £45 )

(requires local anaesthetic & includes dressings)

Nail reconstruction  (consultation appointment required first £45 - includes prep-work and quote)

Fungal nail test kit (with consultation)                                                                                    £30.00

Lacuna method - (requires consultation first £45 - minimal 3 appointments 8 weeks apart depending on severity of the infection)                                                                                                             £55.00 each